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05 April 2019

Why create a new art fair?

Why create a new art fair?

Why add a new event which aims to cover the complete field of Modern and Contemporary drawing to an already busy art calendar?

The only honest answer would be to admit a personal frailty: passion.

Yes, the word passion made even ancient philosophers wary – but this is, to tell the truth, the only valid excuse.

Drawing is a source, to all artists of yesterday and today, it is present in their drawings but also in paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos etc.

I wish to dedicate this first edition of Draw Art Fair London to this original source of creation.

I would like to thank all the exhibitors, partners and the fair team who have made the first fair possible. The Saatchi Gallery direction as well as the members of the international Advisory Committee have contributed hugely to the trajectory of the project.

A warm thought to all of you: welcome…

Laurent Boudier, Founder and Director, Draw Art Fair London
Translation: Laura Tendil

(Edited from the original text. The full article will be published in the Draw Art Fair London catalogue).